Dynamically Finding Views in Grails

Posted by David Estes on Mar 31, 2014

Over the past few weeks. I've been working on and off at creating a fully functional CMS Engine for Grails. A few things have come into play that I could find little documentation on and would like to mention for those that may not know about them.

In this particular use case. I need to be able to reference all layout views within a project in both development mode as well as warDeployed. This can seem confusing because in war mode your GSP files are compiled. However, a non compiled...

Faster Asset Compilation with Grails Asset-Pipeline!

Posted by David Estes on Feb 25, 2014

War building in Grails can be a time consuming process. With the addition of the asset-pipeline it can grow longer. This, however, is better than the alternative of slowing down your app startup time. Lets talk about what the asset-pipeline does during this war compiling phase.

First the build scans your current app, and all installed olugins for assets to compile. For plugins this includes the 'web-app' folder in order to facilitate easier migration. Then, the asset-pipeline scans for...

Moving from Rails to Grails (Differences and Similarities)

Posted by David Estes on Jan 19, 2014

Rails and Grails are both great, powerful frameworks with many core similarities and differing approaches. They both share a strong preference to convention over configuration and they both follow the MVC style of frameworks (though Grails adds a new concept called services we will go into later. I have had the pleasure of working heavily with both frameworks and learning about their various quirks. This is coming from the perspective of a formerly full time rails developer and the transition...