Documenting your APIs

Posted by David Estes on Jun 07, 2015

Last week I had to rush to figure out how best to document some public developer API's for Happy Apps. We had already created some great RESTful OAUTH2 friendly API's for use with our iOS / Apple Watch app release but had not yet worked out how to present these API's to our users and any newcoming users that might want to use them. There are several possible avenues you can take when documenting your API's

Automated API Docs

Some options exist where the syntax of your comments...

Running Grails 3 on Heroku

Posted by David Estes on May 31, 2015

Today I decided to find out exactly how easy it was to deploy a grails 3 application to Heroku. I have never tried a deployment of a java based app to heroku (just Ruby) so this was a bit of a learning experience for myself. I have however, attempted to deploy to Cloud Foundry in a previous expirement with some success there.

Grails 3 has a much smaller memory footprint than its preceding versions and a much cleaner build architecture than before. Which should help us fit both build time and...

Asset-Pipeline Epiphany 'Provided'

Posted by David Estes on May 29, 2015

First off, today we released a new version of :asset-pipeline:2.2.2. This version contains fixes that finally allow your assets to be bundled within binary plugins for grails 2.2.x (something we have had working for grails 3.x but were still fighting with for 2.2.x . This also means you can use webjars. Just add them to your dependencies {} block and you should be able to use webjars at will.

An example is to use webjars:

dependencies { provided 'org.webjars:almond:0.2.9'}

Now you can...

Goals for the next Asset-Pipeline

Posted by David Estes on May 21, 2015

It's been a bit since I've release a post regarding the asset-pipeline for Grails,Gradle,the JVM in general. I think it's time we talk about what some of the future goals of this plugin should be and what should be prioritized. I hear new feature requests coming in all the time and the world of javascript is a highly volatile community these days. So lets talk about some heavy hitters that need to be done with regards to managing javascript.

ES6 Module Support

This seems like a no...

A New Approach to Uptime Monitoring

Posted by David Estes on Mar 17, 2015

People have soooo many websites these days. From your simple mom & pop marketing site, CRUD App, all the way to the full fledged trendy Microservice architecture. And, if you're smart, you at least have some form of uptime monitoring on all these websites. Be it, pingdom or uptime robot or new relic, or app dynamics. Who knows, there are definitely a lot of options out there. Some are super cheap, and some are super expensive. With the rapid growth of the number of web apps being...