Goals for the next Asset-Pipeline

Posted by David Estes on May 21, 2015

It's been a bit since I've release a post regarding the asset-pipeline for Grails,Gradle,the JVM in general. I think it's time we talk about what some of the future goals of this plugin should be and what should be prioritized. I hear new feature requests coming in all the time and the world of javascript is a highly volatile community these days. So lets talk about some heavy hitters that need to be done with regards to managing javascript.

ES6 Module Support

This seems like a no...

Spring Boot with the Asset-Pipeline

Posted by David Estes on Dec 21, 2014

During my off hours this week, I started playing around with spring-boot. This is one of those frameworks I've been meaning to learn and try out but haven't had the time until recently. My first impressions were fairly positive, though it can be tough to develop in with a simple editor like Sublime Text due to remembering the import statements for all those annotations.

One thing that caught me off guard was the limited support for serving static assets and dealing with compiling...