Application Logging on Steroids

Posted by David Estes on May 19, 2014

Ever been frustrated skimming through logs across your app servers trying to find out why in the world your app keeps crashing? Not only are you already frustrated that your app is crashing, but now you have to dig deep into those log files trying to find any hint of a cause. And it gets compounded as you scale in the cloud.

What if you could get your logs combined into one easy to use interface? Better yet, what if you could collect metrics based on your logs or even identify security...

Writing Open Source Plugins

Posted by David Estes on May 19, 2014

Writing plugins for your favorite framework, or language, can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. There are so many open source projects out in the world now. Wether you're writing plugins for Rails, Grails, or even PHP, there are tons of examples and guides on how to make them. But how do you make a plugin that everyone wants to use? How do you support your plugin without it consuming your time? How do you encourage outside contributors to aid in your endeavor? All of these are...

Webjars on the Asset-Pipeline, Perhaps Someday

Posted by David Estes on Apr 11, 2014

So I looked at web jars last night, and the existing resources plugin implementation via. The modules-manager.

The file publication mechanism introduced in the Servlet API 3.0

This argument is actually completely invalid for the grails ecosystem. If you read the source code for the modules manager plugin that exists today you can see that here. The plugin essentially, Unzips the jar file and copies the files (eventually) into web-app/modules. Then it creates a ModulesResource.groovy file to...

Dynamically Finding Views in Grails

Posted by David Estes on Mar 31, 2014

Over the past few weeks. I've been working on and off at creating a fully functional CMS Engine for Grails. A few things have come into play that I could find little documentation on and would like to mention for those that may not know about them.

In this particular use case. I need to be able to reference all layout views within a project in both development mode as well as warDeployed. This can seem confusing because in war mode your GSP files are compiled. However, a non compiled...

Introducing Karman

Posted by David Estes on Mar 10, 2014

Ever wanted to write a webapp that took advantage of cloud storage? Or a plugin for that matter? A common issue that can crop up with writing apps like this is that the app can become easily tied down to a specific cloud provider (i.e. Amazin S3, Rackspace CDN, or Google Cloud). Introducing Kármán: A standardized, multi-provider, easy-to-use, Grails based storage interface.

Karman makes dealing with cloud files a cake walk. By taking advantage of Groovy magic, this interface can provide both...